HF Operating

Photo of operating table in 1997 Photo of antenna swithc panel 1997 Photo of HF operating position 1997

Inside the shack currently, we have two complete stations for HF contesting and a VHF/UHF station. On HF, we are using a pair of Kenwood TS-850SAT rigs. They drive a pair of Ameritron AL-1500 amplifiers. In the photograph you can see what the HF station looks like when it is setup for single operating. We use multiband ICE bandpass filters on each station. The monitor to the right of the rotators is use to display the grayline. This has proven to be very useful doing world wide DX contests. To the right of the radios you can see the antenna switching and the two radio switching. The two radio/antenna switch at W5KFT is a very simple patch panel is used to allow either radio to be connected to any antenna. The operator connectes the coax from the amp to any band that he wants to put that radio on.

VHF/UHF Operating

Operating position set up for VHF contest AM-6155 222 MHz amplifier Arcos dual 4CX250 amplifier

The station has proven to be competitive in the Multi-Limited category of the ARRL June VHF QSO Party. For six meters, the station has used a variety of transceivers, including an Icom IC-736 and an Icom IC-756PROII, with a Henry 3006 amplifier. For two meters, the station has used either an Icom IC-275 or a Downeast Microwave 144-28 transverter paired with a Kewood TS-850SAT, with a homebrew W6PO design amplifier. For 222 MHz, the station uses a Downeast Microwave 222-28 transverter, Downeast Microwave TIB, and a Kenwood TS-850SAT with a converted AM-6155 amplifier. For 432 MHz, the station uses a Yaesu FT-736R with an Arcos dual 4CX250 tube amplifier.