QSL Information

All QSL requests for contest contacts with the W5KFT Ranch Station can be made either direct to the call book address of Bryan Edwards W5KFT, via Logbook of the World, or via the buro. Direct QSL requests with a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) or International Reply Coupon (IRC) will receive a direct reply. New postage prices for the United States will go into effect on May 14, 2007. After that date, standard domestic postage for a QSL SASE will be $0.41, and standard international postage for a QSL SASE will be $0.69 for delivery to Canada or Mexico, or $0.90 for delivery to most other countries.

Logbook of the World

Contacts made from the W5KFT Ranch Station using the W5KFT call sign can be confirmed through the Logbook of the World. To date, almost 100,000 W5KFT Ranch Station contacts have been uploaded to Logbook of the World.

Call Book Address

Bryan's call book address is not the address of the W5KFT Ranch Station. Bryan has separate QSL cards for contacts made from his home station in Lubbock, Texas, and those made from the W5KFT Ranch Station. Any QSL direct request for contacts made with the W5KFT Ranch Station should be sent to Bryan's call book address.

Call Signs other than W5KFT

The W5KFT Ranch Station is sometimes used for contest operations in which the operation uses a call sign other than W5KFT. All QSL requests for contacts made with call signs other than W5KFT should be directed to the licensee that holds the call sign that was used over the air. For example, if Ken Harker WM5R operates in the CQ World Wide WPX Contest, Phone, using his own call sign, all QSL requests for contacts made with that call sign should be directed to WM5R, not to W5KFT.

Call Book Address Lookups