Larry Hammel K5OT

Photo of Larry Hammel K5OT

After years of living in Michigan, Larry Hammel K5OT returned to Texas in 2002. Larry has extensive DXpeditioning experience, operating from places as exotic as Tajikistan and The Gambia. Once he moved to Texas, Larry immediately began attending the meetings of the Central Texas DX & Contest Club, began contributing on the club email reflector, and was soon invited to operate with multi-operator teams at the large contest stations around central Texas.

Larry's first contest at W5KFT was in the Multi-Operator Two Transmitter category of the 2002 ARRL International DX Contest, CW, when he and Phil Goetz N6ZZ teamed up to do a two-man effort in the contest. Despite competing against teams with many more operators, the pair finished in a very respectable 8th place overall. Larry began competing from the W5KFT Ranch Station with more regularity in 2004, starting with a Multi-Operator Two Transmitter team effort with Robert Brandon K5PI in the August North American QSO Party, CW. He has operated in as many NAQP contests from the W5KFT Ranch Station as any other operator other than Robert K5PI.

Since 2002, Larry has operated in at least 11 contests from the W5KFT Ranch Station. His best results to date include a second place finish in the Multi-Operator Two Transmitter category of the 2004 August NAQP CW, and a first place, Single Operator High Power, Non-Michigan category victory in the Michigan QSO Party in 2005.